History of Mt. Rubidoux

Riverside’s Mt. Rubidoux is a granite hill that overlooks the community of Riverside, almost as if it is watching out for us all, protecting us. It ministers to the mind and the spirit. And it has done this so beautifully that many thousands love Mt. Rubidoux and acknowledge the inspiration they have received from it.

Every day the hill witnesses an average of 1,200 to 1,800 people; families, friends, couples, pets, those seeking inspiration, excercise, a beautiful scenery. We all have our reasons for loving Mt. Rubidoux. As a community, Mt. Rubidoux holds our story. There have been books written, photos taken and stories handed down for generations.

Mt. Rubidoux has been a place to honor those members of Riverside for the development of our community, for peace and for giving. It has been a gathering place for thousands; for traditions that span generations and will continue on for generations to come.

 A few of the milestones that make up the history of Mt. Rubidoux

  • 1840’s - 1869 - Louis Robidoux owned the Jurupa Rancho property - including what came to be named Mt. Rubidoux.
  • 1906 (January) - Frank Miller and Henry Huntington formed the Huntington Park Association to acquire and develop the Mt. Rubidoux property including installation of a road from bottom to top and back.
  • 1907 (February) - The U.S. flag was raised on Washington’s Birthday to celebrate the opening of the road
  • 1907 (April) - the first cross was erected, consecrated, and a plaque installed at its base in dedication to Fray Junipero Serra, founder of the California Missions
  • 1907 (summer) - a bronze plaque was installed at the “crossroads” to honor Henry E. Huntington.
  • 1909 (April) - First Easter Sunrise Service held at the top of Mt. Rubidoux, attended by more than 200 persons
  • 1909 (October) - President Taft went to the top of Mt. Rubidoux and dedicated a second plaque to Fr. Serra
  • 1914 (March 23) Booker T. Washington accompanied Frank Miller up Mt. Rubidoux. (photo on the right)
  • 1916 (June 6) Dedication of the St. Francis Fountain
  • 1919 (November 11) - the first Armistice Day Sunset Service was held and attended by 300 persons
  • 1923 (April 18) - “Loring Rock” and the Loring memorial tablet were dedicated “at a location on the mountain from which there is a fine view of the tree-filled city”
  • 1925 (December 13) - the Peace Tower and Friendship Bridge were dedicated in honor of Frank A. Miller (for his vision for the Mountain and for his ideals of International Friendship and World Peace)
  • 1926 - 30,000 persons attended the Easter Sunrise Service
  • 1930 – (February 8) Boy Scout Tablet dedicated “In honor of Frank Miller.”
  • 1934 - The Riverside Humane Society dedicated a plaque, installed on the Friendship Bridge, to Japanese Olympian Lt. Col. Shunzo Kido who saved his horse from death while competing in the 22 ½ mile equestrian endurance race in the 10th Olympiad
  • 1935 (April 21) - During Easter Service, Tablet unveiled in honor of Dr. Henry Van Dyke; Poem read by son, Tertius Van Dyke
  • 1935 (September 22) - Special memorial service for Frank Miller (died June 15)
  • 1955 (June 28) Miller Family deeded Mt. Rubidoux to City of Riverside (with provisions.)
  • 1967 California Point of Historical Interest
  • 1969 (July)  County Historical Marker #007
  • 1976 (November 10) Mt. Rubidoux designated as Cultural Heritage Landmark #26
Booker T. Washington with Frank Miller ascending Mt. Rubidoux in 1914