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ToTally Mt. Rubidoux celebrates!

Join our 1st Anniversary Celebration of the successful purchase of Mt. Rubidoux peak and Serra Cross on Saturday, April 12th from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Glenwood Avenue Entrance to Mt. Rubidoux Park.  Bring the family and enjoy the street fair with activities for children, food vendors, local authors, and information displays from participating nonprofits; "meet" historic figures along the hiking trails to the top of the mountain; attend the dedication of the Totally Mt. Rubidoux plaque to be installed at the top of the mountain recognizing our story and the story of our community as we came together to preserve this important piece of Riverside.


totally Mt. Rubidoux is the Successful Bidder!

On April 11th at approximately 10:00 am Totally Mt. Rubidoux won the public auction for the .43 acres atop Mt. Rubidoux with a bid of $10,500.

This effort would not have been successful without the commitment of the community and the outpouring of support. We were joined by many of you and thank you for that.


Totally mt. rubidoux

In response to a claim that the Serra Cross that resides atop Mt. Rubidoux is in violation of separation of church and state, our Riverside City Council has voted to sell the 0.43 acres at the top of Mt. Rubidoux at public auction. With ownership of the property in private hands, the threat of legal action against the city is removed.

Three of  Riverside’s non-profit organizations, Friends of Mt. Rubidoux,  Mission Inn Foundation, and the Riverside Land Conservancy have joined together to lead the effort to purchase the property and maintain it in its current state, in perpetuity. Each of these organizations individually preserves our history and the elements of our community.  

Our Goals

Collaboratively, “Totally Mt. Rubidoux” has set out to accomplish several goals:

  • Represent the Entire Community
  • Preserve access to Mt. Rubidoux
  • Preserve our heritage and our story
  • Raise funding for the purchase* and maintenance of the Peak of Mt. Rubidoux
  • Preserve the open space of Mt. Rubidoux 

All of this equates to keeping Mt. Rubidoux and our story whole and intact. 

As a community member you can help to preserve our history and ensure the future of our story:

Members of Totally Mt. Rubidoux are available to come and speak to your group.

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Mt. Rubidoux Today

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It is what we do - together

When I first started dating my husband, about 20 years ago, we use to stroll up the mountain together chatting and getting to know eachother. I thought this guy must be crazy taking me out for a walk instead of the movies! It was just something he did. After we got married we began running up the mountain together. Well, he ran, I walked really fast after him. When I got pregnant, I walked up just about everymorning including the day he was born! Now, the three of us still make the trip up the mountain together. Its what we do. I hope my son will remember our trip up the mountain and be able to make his own memories at the mountain.

"All the way to the cross"

I lived at the foot of Mt. Rubidoux when my grandchildren were growing up. They loved going out my back gate directly onto the path up the hill, and taking that long walk upward. One day when my grandson was five, on one of those climbs, I became tired and wanted to go back down, he replied "No, Nana, I want to go all the way to the cross." The cymbalism was not lost to me. Naturally we ascended to the cross! the spring of 1969. I was a member of Troop 5...

My first experience on Mt. Rubidoux occurred in the spring of 1969. I was a member of Troop 5, Riverside County Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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